Live Passive House Design Introduction Course (1 day):

We are living in a time where health is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. What can we do, as designers, engineers, and building professionals, to create a healthy and sustainable built environment?

How can the Australian building industry dramatically shift to keep up with the health and climate demands of 2021 and our future?

This is a one-day crash course for those who want to know what is involved in designing a Passive House.

Passive House is a guaranteed method for designing and constructing healthy and sustainable buildings.

What is covered:

  • Why Passive House?
  • The 5 Passive House components
  • Impact of COVID and bushfire in our designs
  • Safety and Security in buildings
  • Designing a PH
  • Economic aspects & sales
  • Passive house design case study for Perth
  • Real-life questions
  • Built examples and conclusions

This is a live zoom-based course, designed to mimic a classroom setting.

Please be aware that a photographer and filming team from or commissioned by Smart Plus Academy will be taking photographs and filming the event. The photographs and films may be published, transmitted or broadcast and may be circulated to the press and other broadcast media and Internet websites for publication, transmission or broadcast.

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