Total Value ($ 3,588.00) ($1,600)

This is a special offer to our former Passive House Designer students to boost their Passive House knowledge. It’s exclusively available for you, our SPA Passive House Designers!

What will you get with your booster shot?

Value: $147

PaLaMa Course (Passive House Language and Mathematics):
A refresher on the Passive House language and Mathematics, explaining the full concept in simple terms.
Value: $147

The Passive House Designer core course:
All 24 units cover the thermal envelope, windows, ventilation, HRV, conditioning, economics, and retrofit.
Value: $2,800

The Passive House Designer bonus sessions:
Covers the design relevant components that are not taught in the old course, like detailing for any climate zone.
Value: $247

The Passive House Software Day:
Modelling the SPA home in designPH and PHPP. This can be used as a blueprint for your next Passive House project.
Value: $247


  • Updated Formula Sheet
  • A prelim design tool to find your U-Values
  • Details for all Junctions and Constructions
  • Access to the recordings for the full 6 months
  • PDFs of all content so you no longer have to flip through 1000 pages


This is a ONE TIME OFFER for only $1,600 until 15.12.2021 at 6 pm.

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