Live ONLINE designPH Course (1 day):

9:009:45TU 1designPH software installation + troubleshootingTimeframe allocated for the installation of sketchUP and designPH versions on different operating systems. Troubleshooting issues may appear.


9:4510:30TU 2sketchUP BasicsIn this unit we explain the basic functions of sketchUP which will be used throughout the rest of the course.




10:4511:30TU 3Building a simple modelIn this unit you will  build a simple single family home following the course materials. In addition, it will be explained how to start designPH and the features of the visual interface will be presented.


11:3012:15TU 4Automatic analysisIn this unit the first designPH analysis will be made, resulting in preliminary results that must be discussed and highlighted. Take time to understand the calculation process and the logic of the output.


13:1514:00TU 5RefinementsIn this unit you will use another exercise file , and continue the explanation of the designPH component modification/generation possibilities. The main task is to optimize the input data and the energy balance.


14:0014:45TU 6Complex geometryThe main tasks of this unit are on one hand to highlight the consequences of different design decisions on the building’s energy balance, and on the other hand to show new ways of working with sketchUP. Designing a 3D building model in SketchUP should be easy and fast.


15:0015:45TU 7Export to PHPPIn this unit we perform the export of the designPH model to PHPP.


15:4516:30TU 8PHPP refinementsModification and improvement of the PHPP, so that in the end a compleatley filled in PHPP is available.


16:4517:45TU 9Time BufferFAQs and useful hints

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