A deposit of $600 is payable at sign-up and the remaining course fee is due in four installments as follows:

$600 – 28th of the month following sign-up
$600 – 28th of the second month following sign-up
$600 – 28th of the third month following sign-up
$600 – 28th of the fourth month following sign-up (final payment)



  • Live online Passive House Designer Course (8 days)
  • Workbooks and handouts *
  • Webinar Support BEFORE the Course (min. 6 webinars over 3 Months if enrolled 3 months in advance)
  • Webinar Support AFTER the course (min. 12 webinars over 6 Months)
  • Passive House Designer EXAM Preparation and PaLaMa Course (2 days)
  • Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant EXAM
  • PHPP Software

* The workbooks are the slides in printed form with additional explanatory notes. The handouts are exercises and essential documents. Workbooks and handouts will be needed for the exam. Free delivery Australia-wide!

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