Course (8 days):
Time (Mo –Fr): 09:00 – 17:00 AEST (GMT+1 0:00)
+ 1-3 hours of homework daily.

Day 1–5: The Passive House concept
(Mo –Fr): 23.11.2020 -27.11.2020

Day 6-8: The Passive House Implementation
(Mo –We): 30.11.2020 -02.12.2020

Limited seats available: up to 25 Students

If it is gone, it’s gone.



  • Live online Passive House Designer Course (8 days)
  • SPA Homework 2-3 hours per day
  • SPA Exercises 1 hour per day
  • Accesses to the SPA Homework and exercises recording until the exam*
  • Workbooks and handouts**
  • SPA formula sheet***
  • PHPP Software****

*The recordings are live session of Daniel solving the questions in class. You can now follow the solution in your own time and as often as you need to.

** The workbooks in PRINTED form with additional explanatory notes. The handouts are exercises and essential documents as PDFs so you can reprint and redo them as often as you want to. Workbooks and handouts will be needed for the exam in printed form. Free delivery Australia wide!

*** This Formula sheet is a game-changer for all students. It will help you massively to understand the Passive House concept and pass the exam with ease.

****Passive House Planning Package Software (PHPP) is essential for exam registration. Every examinee needs a personal PHPP registration number.


To secure your “Passive House Designer – All in package” offer [4,497incl. GST] you need to purchase the “Passive House Designer Exam Prep Course” AND the “Passive House Designer/Consultant Exam” 45 DAYS before the course starts. [30.10.2020]

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