Practical Passive House Training

Step beyond the theoretical and gain first-hand experience of the products and principles used in Passive House

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About this course

It’s one thing to understand a subject on an intellectual level. It’s another to put it to use in a practical way. This one-day training course aims to boost your practical exposure to Passive House, putting you in the best position possible to truly grasp the potential of this revolutionary approach.

A key focus of the course is on the use of membranes and tape in the airtightness and weathertightness systems. You will gain first-hand knowledge of the window installation process – a common weak spot when constructing the building envelope. Students will be exposed to all five Passive House building components/principles and be able to touch and feel available products.

Students will also look at a heat-recovery ventilation system and see a blower door in use. There will be time for questions and to discuss detail, both during and after the course. Course teachers will be experts from construction engineers AirBossDan and Daniel Kress, all of whom have extensive construction experience.

Course Content

Learning objectives

Students will gain an insight into

  • Passive House fundamentals and principles
  • Blower-door testing
  • Materials for thermal insulation, airtightness and weather-tightness
  • Installation of systems for airtightness and weather-tightness
  • Window installation
  • Heat recovery and ventilation

Course dates & fees

May 2021

$397 (including GST)
  • Practical Passive House Training
  • Monday, 10.05.2021
  • 09:00 – 17:00
    AEDT (GMT+11:00)
  • Location:
    Eclipse Passive House
    Seven Hills NSW 2147

September 2021

$397 (including GST)
  • Practical Passive House Training
  • Monday, 27.09.2021
  • 09:00 – 17:00
    AEDT (GMT+11:00)
  • Location:
    Eclipse Passive House
    Seven Hills NSW 2147


$0 (including GST)
  • Join via Zoom!
  • Live
  • FREE for former students
  • Online

Course details


This course is intended for professional builders, tradespeople and owner builders. Designers and planners are also welcome. Teaching takes place in a factory which is, unfortunately, not wheelchair friendly. Please let us know if you have are any physical health issues that we should be aware of.

It is recommended that you first complete the Passive House Designer or Tradesperson course, however this is not a requirement.

Materials Required for class

This course is conducted in person, with students physically participating in relevant activities. Teaching takes place in an active workplace/factory and students are required to provide their own personal protection equipment, including safety boots and high-vis vest. Earplugs and safety glasses may also be required for some parts of the factory visit. The work involved can be dirty and appropriate clothing should be worn.

Former students joining via live stream should ensure that they have an adequate data connection. Speeds of 3 MBPS are required. Students need to supply their own PC or Mac computer plus web camera and microphone capabilities in their device.

Materials provided for class

Apart from PPE, all required tools and materials will be provided.

Is this course for you?

This course is intended for building sector professionals wanting to gain hands on experience of Passive House techniques. To take part, you should be able to undertake light physical work.


The course is held at ‘eclipse Passive House’ in the Sydney suburb of Seven Hills.