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How do we know when we have the right kind of adhesion? What are the different ways a tape's adhesion will be able to provide us with long-term performance?

The bond between the molecules within the adhesive is forced to fail because the external force exceeds the cohesive bond. There are tapes that do not really "set" solidly, these tapes create a bond that floats on a layer of adhesive and can more readily move or creep. If acrylic dispersion adhesives dry out over time, cohesion failure could occur. With @proclimaau SOLID acrylic tapes, the adhesion is set by pressure in the first 24 hours and forms a permanent solid bond, greatly reducing the chance of cohesion failure. This is one of the reasons that when you try to remove Pro Clima tapes, you most of the time end up destroying the substrate or the backing, not the adhesive bond.⁠ Reposted @475.supply

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We know you'd prefer to hear it from our students rather from us...

So check out our Google reviews and gain an insight into what the course is like from those who've done it!

Thanks, Ubaid for your words and check out their high end builds @generalbuilt

If you have a question about Passive House, feel free to ask us in our weekly Q&A - Link in bio

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Complete your Passive House journey and achieve certification by sitting the final exam. Available face to face or remotely online.

Certification GUARANTEE If you fail, you get your money back, as we failed you with our preparation!*

Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant EXAM (3 hours).

After passing the exam you will be listed as a certified Passive House Professional on the international PHI website for 5 years.

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👉 Designer Certification
[18.02.2022 – 25.03.2022] - 6 days live + 3 days self-paced

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Passive house in North Beach 😍

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Curious About Passive House?

Join our next Q&A session on 1st December from 6 PM - 7:30 PM!

Learn how to reduce the heating and cooling demand of your buildings by an average of 90% by applying the most advanced building science in the industry to your projects.

Time: 18:00 – 18:45 PUBLIC
(Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra time)

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First day of the November Passive House Designer Course, and we are starting strong! 💪

Wonderful to meet everyone! Never stop learning and know that we are with you throughout this journey. 💚

The Leader in Passive House Education

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Consolidate your knowledge and give yourself the best possible chance of passing the certification exam with this preparatory course.

ONLINE Passive House Designer Exam Preparation (2 days) 😊

◼ 2 Mock-up exams as PDFs
◼ Access to the course recordings**
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👉 Designer Certification
[18.02.2022 – 25.03.2022] - 6 days live + 3 days self-paced

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Madhu Priya is one of our students in the August 2021 Certified Passive House Designer Course.

Madhu Priya is passionate about teaching. She is looking forward to gaining experience as a sustainability consultant, specializing in enhancing occupant's health and well-being through built environments.

Thrilled to have you in the class. @madhumpriya! You made our day!

The Leader in Passive House Education

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Building a passive house does not have to be expensive. Read on to find out the actual costs of going green the passive house way. Link is in our bio 💚

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