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About the Passive House community

The Passive House movement is taking Australia by storm. In recent years the number of certified builders and designers in the country has doubled annually, as Aussies warmly embrace the Passive House approach. Australia is now home to dozens of affordable, energy-efficient, comfortable homes and offices, with more Passive House dwellings being completed each month.

Now it’s your turn to get involved. Smart Plus Academy’s range of Passive House short courses are designed for anyone with an interest in producing or living and working in Passive House buildings. The courses have no academic prerequisites – you just need to want to know more about the potential of this revolutionary design approach.

Learn the benefits of Passive House for both building occupants and the planet. Discover why the Passive House approach is widely used in Europe to design and construct buildings that meet the EU’s strict near Zero Energy Buildings requirements. Find out why Passive House can be adapted to any climate zone and how Australia’s temperature extremes can be tamed through strategies such as airtightness, eliminating thermal bridges and installing high quality windows.

Choose a course that suits you

Our range of short courses are designed to give you a taste of the fascinating world of Passive House. For most courses, you can deepen your knowledge online at a time and place that suits you. Each course addresses a different element of the movement. If you’re a design or building professional or simply interested in living in a healthier home, a short course could make you as passionate about Passive House as we are.

The Passive House Design Introduction Course

Get acquainted with the fundamentals of Passive House and learn how the approach is transforming the way we live.

The benefits of living in a Passive House [CPD course]

Passive House doesn’t just help the planet. Learn how the approach can improve the comfort, health and safety of home occupants.

Why Passive House is just the first step [CPD course]

Passive House isn’t just about reduced energy consumption. It’s about building a better world. Find out how the approach can help create a more sustainable building sector.

The basics of Passive House construction [CPD course]

The perfect backgrounder for owner builders or tradespeople considering Passive House. Unlock the secrets of more efficient building.

Practical Passive House training

Go beyond the theoretical side of Passive House. Learn how builders and designers implement the approach in practical, hands-on situations.

Make a difference

The world we live in is under threat. An excess of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, produced by human activity, is altering our climate and changing weather patterns. We all need to make changes to the way we live if we hope to reduce and control the impacts of this challenge.

The Passive House approach is part of the solution. While acknowledging that humans will always need housing, it aims to reduce the energy required to keep dwelling occupants comfortable and safe. Passive House structures use up to 90-percent less energy than conventional dwellings, drastically reducing the amount of greenhouse gases produced in creating the energy needed to control the internal environment. By choosing a Passive House office or home, you’re making a contribution that helps the environment in the same that recycling, driving electric, and reducing air travel does.

Together we can make a difference.

Let’s get social

Becoming involved in Passive House isn’t just about gaining knowledge. It’s about building connections with other like-minded people. Follow Smart Plus Academy on social media to keep informed about the latest industry developments and upcoming courses.

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