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What are the benefits of living in a Passive House?

How can we minimise high heating and cooling cost?

What are the risks to live in a conventional building with extreme temperature fluctuations?

These are the main questions that will be answered.

In this course, we will first look into the health and thermal comfort related to our homes.  Then, we will talk about security and safety challenges we could face in homes and how we overcome them. After that, we will talk about economics and sustainability linked to building and operating our homes. Finally, we will talk about what to look out for when building or buying a home.

After completing this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the basics in Passive House the benefits
  • Define the health and thermal comfort requirements needed for their homes
  • Understand the main threads due to potential power shortages
  • Know the impact of the building industry on climate change
  • Comprehend the economic benefits of the Passive House approach
  • Make educated decisions on how to choose building professionals.

  • 2 hours lecture/presentation

This course is particularly designed for the end-user and help professionals to communicate the benefits of high-performing buildings such as Passive House.

You will need a laptop, Mac or PC with audio and internet connection. It is highly recommended to have pen and paper ready to take notes.

Daniel started his career as a carpenter in Germany and then worked in Ireland on the biggest residential modular project in the world at that time. After 10 years in the building game, he did his studies in civil engineering and worked as a researcher for the European Union in sustainable building.

Since 2015 Daniel has been working in the Australian building industry. He started his business Smart Plus Homes in 2017 following his passion for educating and consulting the building industry regarding health and sustainable construction.

Daniel is a Certified Passive House trainer and has been teaching over 50% of Australia’s Certified Passive House Professionals.

After purchase, you will have access to the recordings for 6 months.