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Passive House is currently the most sophisticated international Building Concept and is new to the Australian Building Industry. It is suitable for all habitable climate zones around the world. The European Union is moving towards the enforcement of Passive House Principles as part of the Building Code by 2020. Australia will follow the same path within the next 10 years. Smart Plus Academy is pioneering to be one of the first certified Passive House Trainers in Australia. We provide courses and training on behalf of the Passive House Institute.

About the founder

Helping you to fight climate change

Daniel started his career as a carpenter in Germany and then worked in Ireland on the biggest residential modular project in the world at that time. After 10 years in the building game, he did his studies in civil engineering and worked as a researcher for the European Union in sustainable building.

Since 2015 Daniel has been working in the Australian building industry. He started his business Smart Plus Academy in 2017 following his passion for educating and consulting the building industry regarding health and sustainable construction.

Daniel is a Certified Passive House trainer and has been teaching over 50% of Australia’s Certified Passive House Professionals.

“I am here to inspire and lead with passion and love, through contributing, teaching and growing.” – Daniel Kress –

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